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"Chicago Rock Band Gets 60's Movie Stars to Sing on New Video"
Rolling Stone Magazine 

"Immigrant Songs of Rock and Romantic Dreams"

"There's Something About Clara May"
MTV Desi

"Clara May Channels David Bowie"
Illinois Entertainer

"Sinister guitars, brash drums and a stormy Nick Cave sound"

"Clara May's Badlands Video Premieres"
Beats Per Minute

"Music for a Cause: Clara May Gives a Voice to the Asian Community"
Desi Talk 

"Silva and Sotelo Form an Intriguing Whole"

"3-1/2 Stars: This One's a Winner, Folks" 
Pittsburgh Daily News

"Rich and alluring, a melting pot of new American music"
Chicago Sun-Times

"Shades of the 60s: Clara May recalls Leonard Cohen and the classic folk of Joni Mitchell"  

Showbiz: Hush, it's Silva!
New Straits Times, Malaysia, April 2011

Review: "Hush"
Roctober Magazine, April 2011

CD of the Month: "Hush"
The Deli Magazine, March 2011

"A First Date with Clara May"
The Vinyl District, April 2011

Clara May: The Darkest Recesses of Folk
My Old Kentucky Blog, March 2011

"Clara May calls to mind British bands like Magazine and Tindersticks"
Americana UK

Clara May on the Radio
"Fearless Radio, May 2011

American Desi
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